I founded and now direct and curate a photographic festival in Bratislava. The OFF_Festival Bratislava is held simultaneously with the Month of Photography and it acquires its uniqueness by being a platform for fresh talents from the photography scene. Since its inception, the aim of the event has been to create optimum conditions for the promotion and support of new artists working within the medium of photography. My vision for the festival is to continue exploring socially relevant themes through which new emerging talents can express their unique creative voices.

The festival started in 2010 with the exhibition of young & fresh photographic works, altered by contemplation over differences between fiction and fact the following year. Year 2012 was marked by a spirit of personal perception of beauty and bizarreness and in 2013 we offered a more generalized view of the pleasures and sorrows of Generation Y. The festival´s fifth year in 2014 called for a revolutionary manifesto while in 2015 we focused on a search for meaning and authenticity in interpretations or appropriations. The latest year materialized ideas about the tomorrow’s archive. In 2017 we want to research secrets of the physical and spiritual by means of artistic practice. Under the title Anatomy of the Soul we open not only the question if harmony of body and soul is possible to achieve or if in contrary, mutual deny is inevitable. We are also interested in analysis of the current state of these matters and in the point of view to both, body and soul by the modern society.